[tweetmeme] Augmented reality is a way of bringing to life 3 dimensional models. With the addition of a microphone input technique Crispin Porter + Bogowski via Sweden’s North Kingdom have created an engaging exposition of GE’s windfarms and intelligent grid technology.

The positive take-out for us at The Hunting Dynasty is that this type of advertising is successful because it’s clever, not because it’s got a mass of media dollars behind it. It’s clever because it’s engaging – it’s do rather than say – and because it’s cheap to distribute lots of companies and causes can punch above their weight.

This is great news for all those businesses on the periphery who – like GE – don’t have large established dirty businesses to pay for the development of innovative advertising to promote their green divisions.

Interesting stuff happens on the edges – transformational life-changing businesses. And that’s were we play.


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