[tweetmeme] “Have you seen the thirsty boy on television?” Belgium’s most popular TV station was interrupted on three consecutive days during live primetime shows. By a boy.

A boy that stole water. Why?

Every 15 seconds a child dies due to a lack of drinkable water. ‘Music for life’ – the annual charity event organised by the radio station Studio Brusseles and the International Red Cross – wanted to highlight this fact. The advertising agency Mortierbrigade, Brussels, Belgium came up with a stunner of an idea: a small boy unexpectedly ran onto the set of a live TV show, drank the host’s glass of water, and then ran off.

No end line, no graphic, no ‘presentation’ of the act. Only awkward confusion from the presenters and guests – and by implication awkward confusion for the TV audience.

Brilliantly incisive and disruptive. And they raised over 3 million euros in 6 days.

Their target audience? “Everyone with a heart.” How true.

Advertising Agency: Mortierbrigade, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe Deceuster
Art Directors / Copywriters: Tim Driesen, Joeri Vandenbroeck, Dieter Vanhoof


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