[tweetmeme] The Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog is a great resource of the world’s sharpest minds in marketing and strategy innovation.

In their own words their contributors

“spark exceptional insights in their field of expertise and inspire their readers to action”

Too true. It’s a great resource and – whether you’re on the marketing side, or on the green product & development side – here’s three blog posts from them you should read right now.

Sitting comfortably?

Green Marketing 2.0: This Time It’s Serious, by: Joel Makower


“Green marketing is back, and while some may cavil that it never went away, the quality and quantity of marketing messages has shifted markedly in recent months. By all indications, this time it’s no longer a half-hearted, fringe activity.

It’s been more than seventeen years since my book, The Green Consumer, was published in…”

Smiley Power: Green Marketing That Works, by: Roger Dooley


“Last April, [the Sacramento Municipal Utility District] began sending out statements to 35,000 randomly selected customers, rating them on their energy use compared with that of neighbors in 100 homes of similar size that used the same heating fuel. The customers were also compared with the 20 neighbors who were especially efficient in saving energy….”

Thinking Green in a Blue Economy, by: Joel Makower


“”How can I justify putting money into things that don’t make business sense?” she asked. My answer: You probably shouldn’t bother.

That seemed like common sense to me, but — as I learned later — it sent a minor ripple around the room. Could this green business evangelist possibly be suggesting that one needn’t engage in green initiatives that don’t make financial sense?….”

And if you can’t read them now, bookmark this page (just make sure you’ve got a good chair when you come back).

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