The hive mind – correctly called collective consciousness and what we call co-creation – can deliver solutions to problems in two ways.

[br]wwf-logo The first is a bit like magic – the rather unglamorous fairground type of magic. ‘Guess the marbles in the jar’ games can be solved with an unnerving degree of accuracy by taking the average (sum of guesses/number of guesses) of all guesses. Odd. But true.

[br]The second hive mind jiggery pokery involves an audience involved in production and consumption in a perpetual loop. The business around which this swirls manufacture and deliver the hive-designed products along with other bits of business housekeeping that generally reduce the friction of designing and consuming. Lego’s create-your-own is the oft cited example. Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything fame, call this the ‘prosumer’.

[br]It can even delightfully backfire like’s April Fool’s joke Tauntaun sleeping bag.

[br]The World Wildlife Fund wants a bit of this magic dust, and teamed up with crowdsource platform (someone needs to fix on a term and USE IT) Idea Bounty to ask creative thinkers around the globe for input on a new marketing campaign to make sustainable living cool.

[br]The World Wildlife Fund are indisputably progressive in their embrace of the four ‘C’s of community, co-creation, customisation, and conversation as evidenced by the third post in Mashable’s Summer of Social Good series on #FindingTheGood (a week of posts dedicated to profiling charitable initiatives using social media).

[br]Social media has played very well into the goals of the World Wildlife Fund providing them with the opportunity to engage supporters and reach new audiences in a way they have not ever been able to in the past, according to Claire Carlton, who is the Social Media Manager for The WWF’s Climate Policy Campaign.


I see our web site as our home base, the blog as our podium and Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Flickr, and LinkedIn as our mega phone…

said Carlton.

[br]The WWF are doing some of the things we do well here at The Hunting Dynasty: Marketing Strategy – or how to get a product or service to a market that will buy it; and Product/Service Development – broadly speaking developing what you will market, rather than marketing what you have developed.

[br]However, somewhere behind all this there’s one brilliant mind – the one that decided to use the hive mind.