[tweetmeme] Our founder‘s work used in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design ‘Future of Advertising’ course.

Here’s the raw Slideshare link: http://www.slideshare.net/tbrunelle/mcad-2009-future-of-advertising-session-08-recap-march-16

Props to Tim Brunelle from Minneapolis – the CEO of Hello Viking – who pitches the Cisco LiveCast banner with Nike examples in the section on ‘utility’ vs advertising messages.

Hello Viking provide consulting, creative and production services to ad agencies, design and PR firms, marketers and media companies.

The Cisco LiveCast was the first example of its kind in the world: Oliver and his team arranged for Cisco experts to host real time Q&A sessions online by streaming a live webcast simultaneously into thousands of ad units across sites all over Europe. Ten 30 minute LiveCasts, in four countries, resulted in 10,000 small-to-medium-sized business decision makers engaging with Cisco experts.

Over 80 unplanned questions, topics and problems were raised. Within the UK the campaign succeeded in increasing the relevance of Cisco to decision makers in our target audience by 11.5%.

“Today… a ground-breaking event for Cisco… a live broadcast into an ad space online [where you] can interact… in real time… This is a world’s first. Not many agencies can make a claim like that these days. Congratulations to the team…“ Lino Ribolla, Executive Creative Director, OgilvyInteractive, London

The piece picked up some awards: