Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-09-28

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  • \ WEEKLY TWEETS \ Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-09-21 | The Hunting Dynasty http://ow.ly/qg8r #
  • \FILM\ Finally: a decent expression of signatures saving lives (takes a while to get to the point) Amnesty International http://ow.ly/qgrt #
  • RT @BusinessGreen: IBM, Cisco and Duke unveil smart grid initiatives http://tinyurl.com/my8b5g #
  • Your daily routine is defined socially – so why should I appeal to you as an individual? | The Hunting Dynasty http://ow.ly/qbK5 #
  • \ NEW REPORT \ The Hunter Briefing:A Bird's Eye View on Sustainability in Fashion #greengaged #sustainable #fashion #LFW http://ow.ly/qia9 #
  • @UniformProject Hi – you feature in our Hunter Briefing on Sustainable Fashion (been watching #greengaged feeds) I added you btw. in reply to UniformProject #
  • RT @newscientist: Climate myths: Any cooling disproves global warming http://bit.ly/16Mol1 #
  • Looking for a new business person – can be remote worker, but needs UK/EU reach. Profit share of found business | website: http://ow.ly/qkQR #
  • What Britain eats: three decades of grocery shopping | Times Labs Blog http://ow.ly/qmCW #
  • \ NEW REPORT \ The Hunter Briefing:A Bird's Eye View on Sustainability in Fashion #greengaged #sustainable #fashion #LFW http://ow.ly/qicO #
  • RT @Societas_: New York Times reviews The Age of Stupid http://tinyurl.com/lxlwc9 #AgeofStupid #
  • @Societas_ HI, found you on the #Greengaged string. Our businesses overlap. Nice to meet you. in reply to Societas_ #
  • RT @katiefehren: earth2tech's guide to Car 2.0 rocks: http://bit.ly/jyIYd #
  • RT @TheGoGreenBlog Are the Oceans So Messed Up Even Fake Crab Meat and Fish Sticks are Endangered? – http://tinyurl.com/ndjumk #
  • Thanks for the ReTweet [RT @Altitude_Inc: RT @tweetmeme 10 words that save 7 trillion gallons of water | THD http://bit.ly/2D2rLt ] #
  • 15 Most Creative Green Ads – Oddee.com http://ow.ly/qxKf #
  • @plumbertweets @ttsivkmlap @noradepalma @Altitude_Inc @newhomesalespro Thanks for RT '10 words that save 7 trillion…' http://ow.ly/qxSf #
  • RT @current_green: Europeans Say U.S. Lacks Will on Climate. Blah Blah Blah: http://su.pr/1AtuXL #
  • RT @greenforyou: Eco Cars: Rolls-Royce eyeing a battery-powered Phantom? #green http://bit.ly/Y2rOa #
  • RT @EnergyCollectiv Clownfish Sees 15 Sustainability Trends for China http://retwt.me/9s6H #
  • RT @Greengamma: Chinese electric car maker upbeat despite gloomy sales http://bit.ly/1lFXoF #
  • \\ NEW POST \\ 'Throw away' thinking: 12 businesses redesigning fast fashion | The Hunting Dynasty http://ow.ly/2bpYlC #
  • RT @ElioStudio: #greengaged biomimicry architect Michael Pawlyn -move from sustainable to restorative design #SaharaForestProject #
  • \\ NEW POST \\ 'Throw away' thinking: 12 businesses redesigning fast fashion #sustainable #fashion #LFW (corrected error) http://ow.ly/qE2H #
  • @OhGoddess Thanks for the ReTweets #sustainable #marketing #behaviouraleconomics (blog) http://bit.ly/2D2rLt (blog) http://retwt.me/9XHo in reply to OhGoddess #
  • RT @curbcrawling: Hooray!!!! CURB has made the shortlist for the Shell Live Wire Award, check it out: http://bit.ly/GRRTc #
  • RT @arandag: Dutch television puts the Sustainable Dance Floor to the test http://bit.ly/Nqwk5 #
  • RT @ICISgreenblog: Banks from emerging markets now consider climate change in lending and other business decision-making http://bit.ly/243G9 #
  • @ktcita Hi. Nice portfolio of interesting work http://www.kimberleycrofts.com/ in reply to ktcita #
  • Coca-Cola's green marketing credentials fall flat | Media | The Guardian http://ow.ly/qHjN #
  • @Greengaged Dude(tte) – I'm still waiting for info for Friday's session. I signed up few days ago… I should just turn up? in reply to Greengaged #
  • RT @huntingdynasty NEW REPORT – The Hunter Briefing: A Bird’s Eye View on Sustainability in Fashion #LFW #sustainable http://ow.ly/2bpZfG #
  • Thanks for the ReTweet @EarthFare #LFW #sustainable http://ow.ly/2bpZfG #
  • RT @ClintonTweet: RT @mrskutcher: Bill in action President Clinton that is! http://twitpic.com/iqvpn #cgi09 #
  • RT @TH_RSS: London Fashion Week's Estethica Features Beautiful Fabrics Recycled in Bags & Clothes #LFW #sustainable http://bit.ly/Z4pD5 #
  • @HuntingDynasty has 460 Followers- More detailed stats by TwitterCounter: http://bit.ly/tMpbq #
  • @helentrevorrow Yes would be good – not had a natural gap n schedule yet. Let me make a gap next week, otherwise I'll never get to you >> in reply to helentrevorrow #
  • @helentrevorrow >> off out now. Let;s go to email and fix a time. 🙂 *using-a-smiley shame* in reply to helentrevorrow #
  • @helentrevorrow Great new website btw! Go visit http://www.greenrow.co.uk/ and download their guide to ethically transforming your business in reply to helentrevorrow #
  • [@UniformProject Thoroughly enjoyed brief and we are honored to be featured!] It's a pleasure – be sure to pass it on 🙂 speak again, THD. #
  • RT @UniformProject: Our CNN interview at London Fashion Week aired this morning. http://tinyurl.com/yadus3b #
  • RT @SUSTAINhouse: Green Construction rapidly increasing. Makes me happy! http://6zb3p.th8.us #
  • RT @the99percent: How DIY design (1) gave a teenager from Malawi electricity, and (2) can help transform Africa: http://bit.ly/IMlVO #
  • RT @Altitude_Inc: Cola would be green if coloring wasn't added. http://www.learnsomethingeveryday.co.uk/ #
  • @wasabipear Thanks for the RTs 🙂 in reply to wasabipear #
  • RT @greennewswire: P&G, HDR, ISC Highlight Sustainability at Clinton Global …: As an example, the Institute … http://bit.ly/Hr7ZI #
  • @yelena_ Oh? I'm following #greengaged – you went to Spiekerman too? did I meet you on the way out after lunch? (biog/pic) http://ow.ly/r6AG #
  • RT @diggupdates: China Laying Ground to Build 'Wall Street' of Carbon Trading http://bit.ly/4vJ7rm #
  • RT @thethreadloop: 10 sustainable New Zealand designers you need to know http://bit.ly/4hlcy #
  • RT @trendwatching: Discreet rooftop wind turbines for homes http://bit.ly/2mP39o (Part of the ECO-BOUNTY trend http://bit.ly/9XaT0) #
  • RT @InvasiveNotes: Comprehensive understanding of bacteria could lead to new insights into many organisms (PhysOrg) http://bit.ly/4F7WXq #
  • RT @PlanetGreen: RT @make Trash robot wins awards, is awesome: http://bit.ly/eOKem (via @johnbaichtal) #
  • RT @solarfeeds: BMW Lovos Concept Car Powered By Solar http://tinyurl.com/y9khtf5 #
  • RT @adsoftheworld Hans Brinker Hotel Eco-towel http://ow.ly/rccJ Now the REAL eco-towel:'10 words that save 7 trillion…' http://ow.ly/rccT #
  • RT @cindymorrison82: Electric Cars and Sustainable Development http://bit.ly/xPgjz #
  • RT @iohannis: Reading: "Sustainable Business Models: Time for Innovation" http://bit.ly/B4mMp #
  • HuntingDynasty – TweetMeme http://ow.ly/rfN9 #
  • Retweets of @huntingdynasty – Retweetist http://ow.ly/rfNk #
  • "Follow Many Twitter Users at Once". Make lists, view other's lists. This rocks. It's new (I think?) View it now: TweepML http://ow.ly/rfRT #
  • RT @elainecohen: RT @CSRbot @PerrineB Competencies of a #CSR & Sustainability communications professional http://bit.ly/Toprs >> #
  • RT @huntingdynasty 10 words that save 7 trillion gallons of water | The Hunting Dynasty http://ow.ly/2bqbx5 #
  • Our 404 Error page with two 'error' stories – a great example of contextual messaging http://ow.ly/rhzX #marketing #404 #
  • RT @Brioneja: Uncommonly Clever Economic Indicators: Follow the pink ties and restaurant garbage piles http://tinyurl.com/lnom32 #economy #
  • The Hunting Dynasty 广告对可持续产品和服务 (Google Translate – Simplified Chinese) http://ow.ly/ri3g #
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