The Hunting Dynasty has been recognised as an “Agency of tomorrow” on Andshakers.com by David Shearer, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director of MRM West USA/global responsibilities Microsoft.

David regularly contributes to andshakers.com – the self-styled website hosting ‘many veteran creatives, one domain’ – most recenty chewing the cud on new agency operating models.

He praises The Hunting Dynasty’s foundation built on “marketing with purpose beyond ‘share-of-basket’” .

David says:

“…They’re small. They’re nimble. They’re very smart. Best of all, their purpose is focused around a new vision, not just a new operating model. Advertising and marketing that uses influence and persuasion to improve the world, rather than just encouraging the more destructive, parasitic behaviors of the human race. The Hunting Dynasty isn’t the first to go down this road, but they’re a pretty good example of what a real agency of tomorrow could/should look like…”

We couldn’t agree more.

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