[tweetmemedigg] The Hunting Dynasty was invited to the launch of the Mavizen TTX02 yesterday at the Bloomberg building in London. The Mavizen is the world’s first production electric supersport bike. You can buy one. And race it. Against other teams. Around the world. But most importantly, it’s fully open source. (Yes, open source!).

It seems the only noise electric vehicles make is the hubub of press release after press release. Not many manufacturers are delivering. This start-up from Buckinghamshire are.

The Mavizen is designed sensibly with a swappable drive train, and swappable batteries. All changed in minutes. Additionally the chassis is all fixed up for international racing. Fine, but then it gets interesting – it has:

  1. Integrated IP connectivity
  2. An open source Linux operating system
  3. Remote factory support
  4. USB plug

Open source Linux OS is the killer app – it means programmers become the mechanics of the electric world. And with USB capability – which allows practically unlimited number of peripherals – you can extend the capabilities of the machine to a pseudo-living object: GPRS linked to weather input maybe?

The mind boggles.