Sponsorship opportunity for brand new product: electric sports bike race teams

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Every 102 years a new method of transport gets its debut. This time it’s the turn of electric sports bikes – an event as significant as the first full-scale motorcycle race in 1908 held on the banked tracks at Brooklands in England.

An electric spectacleTTX02bike_lg

These bikes are being raced this year in UK, Italy and the US. They travel at 130mph. They are ridden by professional riders. On professional race circuits. They have an open-source computer on-board. They are electric, as well as being electric.

Don’t waste money on ‘normal’ branding

Brands at the forefront of sustainability shouldn’t lose out on the opportunity to be represented in this first year ever of racing – a sticker on the sidepod? Part-sponsoring teams in cash-and-kind? underwriting a complete team? Opportunities like this only come along once a centuary (literally).

Make it easy

We can get you a tailored sponsorship package, and make all the collateral that goes with it, and manage magnifying it out into new and your existing communications channels [What we do] in one easy package because we work with TTXGP who run the races (and they make a pretty sweet electric sports bike, too).

The teams need sponsorship – but that’s not your problem. It’s theirs. What you need is to position your business at the forefront of sustainability [What we do | About you]. We’ve brainstormed some of the categories that can usefully position themselves with this exciting new race series:

    Speed of delivery is a great category

    • Ocado have a great delivery service that reduces fuel consumption
    • Lots of online retailers who’re cutting down on their carbon use for deliveries

    Low-carbon delivery is a massive area with clients of Smith’s Electric vans

    • Sainsbury’s
    • London Mayor
    • Royal Mail
    • Private delivery firms


    • IBM, DELL, Oracle, Google, Yahoo – particularly any division that’s developed energy saving software, like SAP
    • There’s a whole Plug ‘n’ Play story
    • What about niche products like the ecobutton, etc

    Electric motors

    • Obviously, but also opportunity for hybrids
    • Smaller motor manufacturere – there are SO many electric mototrs in our lives – electric fans in lavatories, washing machines, food blenders and other white goods

    Power supply

    • This is not only restricted to electricity supply like Ecotricity – any sustainable energy is good like E-on, for instance
    • Batteries are great here too – Duracell et al
    • Solar is a massive category – person supplies on rucksacks, to home generation and industrial scale builds


    • The precision story is common amongst all high-end motor racing which attracts sectors like watch makers, etc
    • Leaidng edge product development is great here


    • Earplugs, battery/solar toy manufacturer


    • Wired
    • Fast Company’s Ethonomics

Are any of these you?

Drop a quick comment if you want to have a no-obligation chat.
And tell us if you spot another sector that could sponsor – happy to add to the list.

Contact us at info@thehuntingdynasty.com or phone now on 0844 357 9072.


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