Alex Benady ([ax][/ax]twitter, [ax][/ax]journalisted, [ax][/ax]Coley Porter Bell) interviewed The Hunting Dynasty’s Director of Planning & Strategy and Business Partner, [a][/a]Colwyn Elder about our communication approach for Off-Grid magazine.

Alex asks if advertising can save the planet. Not in its current form we say – it’s only able to sell products, not change lifestyle where no product purchase is necessary. By using the principles of behavioural economics as outlined in Nudge, The Hunting Dynasty can change both purchase and lifestyle behaviour.

“Firstly it can help change purchase behaviour. So it can help steer us to less damaging consumption… But more profoundly it can help change our life-style behaviour. So instead of driving it might help persuade us to walk or cycle.”
Colwyn Elder

As Alex identifies we are ‘cognitive misers’ who prefer to use shortcuts and rules-of-thumb to make decisions. Colwyn goes on to explain our unique approach:

Oliver Payne… has identified 19 different strategies, or psychological levers that can be pulled to persuade people to change the way they consume.