The Hunting Dynasty Summer Placements

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July 2017 saw the first round of The Hunting Dynasty summer placements – an opportunity for three outstanding Masters graduates – Lauren, Louise and Neo – to spend a week as part of our team and work on a real-life behavioural science brief.

In addition to more or less expected daily tasks in a behavioural insights agency, each of our interns was given a real project brief and asked to develop a behaviour change solution to address one of the following problems:
1) Increasing retention of permanent, specialised workforce in large organisations. Despite existing research into job satisfaction and its relation to leaving work, applications and interventions in the sector of interest remain understudied. This poses a great challenge, as well as an opportunity, for multiple sectors.

2) Optimising the use of basic versus premium consumables in large organisations. The use of consumables in organisation relies on a number of psychological and structural factors. Helping to understand and optimise it can not only significantly improve efficiency, but also achieve substantial financial savings.

3) Facilitating a complex process behind a charity’s Christmas gift donation programme. Large Christmas donation programmes can be a challenge both in terms of logistics and donor behaviour. Optimising the process while increasing the number of donations is a complex problem previously unaddressed.

This mostly independent process was deliberately challenging – the briefs addressed complex behaviours that can’t always be affected by a silver-bullet nudge. Our interns showed an impressive understanding of behavioural science and psychological research methods, as well as creativity and foresight, in designing the interventions. Within a week, the briefs were taken from a set of objectives to an in-depth psychological and behavioural analysis of the behaviour to be influenced, a robust intervention design, and a plan for implementation.

The placement culminated with a presentation of the approaches and solutions to the team and guests, and celebratory drinks in our local pub. Thank you again to our lovely interns for your great work, dedication, and an exciting week!


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