The Hunting Dynasty 2018: a great year of improving – and proving – behaviour

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We’ve had a great year of improving – and proving – behaviour with our communication at The Hunting Dynasty, where new-breed insight meets sparkling behavioural strategy and refreshing behavioural communication.

Our insight & communication in 2018 stretched from capturing mental models, to tweaking single words to entire re-writes and re-designs, and in-field experiments:

a. Live Randomised Control Trials

  • on a total of 2,545,902 people over a range of clients and pieces of work
  • which saw an improvement in behaviour between 4.8% and 5,500%

b. Surveys at scale to understand perception and predict behaviour

  • on over 5,600 people across different clients
  • in the US, Germany, and the UK

c. International focus groups to get a sharper focus on themes in:

  • US
  • Germany
  • UK

2018’s co-creation & strategy work sees:

a. More of our successful behavioural ‘Playbooks’ and measurement of output for Marketing teams with With The Grain

b. More workshops on consumer acquisition

c. Positioning papers for:

  • Increasing comments online products
  • Zero alcohol beer
  • Marketing to drive visitors to an attraction
  • and more

And our speaking and media work this year, sees:

a. private talks, filmed pieces, and radio interviews on:

b. and more

We’ll continue to make sure our clients don’t miss out on a healthy, provable percentage increase in behaviour in 2019. If you’re not a client, speak to us now (whether you have a definite need or want a loose discussion), we’re happy to help (our phone number and online email form is here)


1. Insight lab | 2. Co-creation & Strategy team | 3. Communication studio

For more speak with Davina (Client Services Director) or Oliver (Founding Director)
+44 (0)843 289 2901

You might like to read our published books/chapters and
twitter @HuntingDynasty

Also, join the London Behavioural Economics Network Meetup group and Facebook group

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