How to make a New Year’s resolution that will last forever – the science of habit formation

Most New Year’s resolutions have a success rate in the teens – in some studies fewer than 8% of us ever stick to our plan (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 13th Dec, 2012). There…

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Your behaviour is unsuitable

It’s nothing personal. We’re good at living short and brutal lives. Indeed we’ve even codified an approach to life that ameliorates the shortness and brutalness: ‘Eat drink and be…

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The wisdom of debate

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Driving the wrong point? UK Gov ‘Think!’ drink drive campaign

The UK Department for Transport’s airing it’s THINK! drink drive advert again. It’s good, but is it focusing on the right area?. Ahead of tonight’s TV airing Department for…

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Finding your target market – lessons from the ‘Nigerian scam’ email

We've all seen them – poorly constructed sentences in long winding emails about diplomats, infrastructure projects, or legal bequeathes that promise eye-watering commissions for…

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When ‘somewhat likely’ means a lot more likely – the mere exposure effect

I saw this YouGov poll graph recently. Nice clearly defined colours. Clearly labelled axis. It tells you everything you need to know. (Sort of.) [...]

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