The Hunting Dynasty Summer Placements

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July 2017 saw the first round of The Hunting Dynasty summer placements – an opportunity for three outstanding Masters graduates – Lauren, Louise and Neo – to spend a week as part of our team and work on a real-life behavioural science brief. In addition to more or less expected daily tasks in a behavioural […]

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The financial sector has motivated but confused customers – how do we help them?

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Communications are renowned for their creative techniques for persuasion, often even verging on manipulation. Examples abound: aspirational messages (cue a happy group of friends), guilt-inducing messages (charity donation prompts), exclusivity messages (a limited offer for our best customers), hurry-up messages (offer expires in three, two, one…). As any marketer or advertising creative will know, the […]

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Not so added value

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Imagine you’re working in an electronics shop. A new gadget just came out – say, an iPod – and you’re in charge of putting together an offer for the first few days. Bundles are always good, you’re thinking, so you add a free song download – it doesn’t cost the company much, but it’s an […]

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When crowds know best

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Voting is a timely topic. Britain just voted out of the EU, and the US is electing a new president in a few weeks. Next year, there are elections in France and Germany. Perhaps even Scotland will be voting, again, on which union to leave. That’s a great scope for predictions, providing experts and non-experts […]

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Trump’s unlikely ally – recognition heuristic

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The US presidential race is set to finish on November the 8th. We’ve all been following Donald Trump’s rise from one of sixteen Republican candidates to a serious presidential hopeful, often outraged, but mostly baffled by how this even happened. While Trump’s black-and-white simplicity and promises of great deals for America certainly helped, he owes […]

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Economics – the source of our financial woes?

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Growing inequality, disappearing middle class, poverty. Financial crises and ever-increasing debts. Corruption, money laundering, corporate tax avoidance, corporate misconduct in general. Future energy and food insecurity. These are just a few results of a broad-brush google search for modern economic problems. Put together, the list sounds like a doomsday scenario. Surely we’re doing something to […]

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2016 so far

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Just over halfway through the busy year seems like a good time to recap of what we have done so far. From the streets of Bristol clad in high-vis, to corporate boardrooms (not clad in high-vis), here are a few of the most interesting behavioural insights projects we’ve done in the first half of 2016. […]

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A step-by-step approach to reducing suicide among men

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If you have been following any media outlet over the past year, you’ve heard about it: male suicide is a serious problem. With men accounting for up to 78% of all suicides, it is the biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK. These stark statistics had been overshadowed for much too long. […]

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Russian dolls, danger, and behavioural economics

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Popularised, praised and increasingly applied across a range of sectors, from public policy to consumer goods, behavioural economics is becoming the new It-discipline. Better late than never – after all, it’s been around for well over a hundred years. To borrow a phrase from Lee Ross and Richard Nisbett, authors of ‘The Person and the […]

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