❯ 3. Turning insight into execution

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a wood plane or a plane-plane? Is it a plain plane-plane?

Whether it’s overt communication or covert architectural/space changes we need to make to change behaviour, we’ll bring all the tone of voice, art direction, and architectural tricks you’ll need. And we know how to craft it so it will knock your socks off. Or sock you in the mouth. So you can sock it to ‘em. (Without putting your foot in it.)

Examples of our skill-set are below. Ask us about these, or about tailored behavioural communication and interventions, whether they are overt and obvious, or covert changes to the environment in which we live.

Intervention guidance

Execution Strategy ⬇

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What you get

  • Execution strategy: A punchy platform – Design and copywriting plans for non-behavioural experts to use

Rosacea website

The key aim for the client was to encourage people to make an appointment with a doctor – and we wrote some insights from Behavioural Economics (BE) applied to meet this requirement and persuade people to visit their HCP, and some copy examples as a platform for copy and dev teams.

Cardboard Futures

Everybody loved the cardboard desk concept. Even Esquire magazine had featured them before we were commissioned. We were asked, ‘Why – despite overt interest and positive PR – are businesses not buying our cardboard desk?’

We mapped how to remove, reframe, or ‘agree with’ the instinctive response to get a non-dissonant, non-reputation affecting decision from office equipment procurement managers. We agreed on fixing the instinctive response by renaming the product from ‘Cardboard Futures’ to e.g. ‘Fluteboard’.

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See the whole story in our portfolio page


The Hunting Dynasty Communication Playbook© & Scoresheet© ⬇

What you get

Embedding use of behavioural techniques into the day-to-day work your your comms staff, planners, architects, designers without expensive and time-consuming training.

For staff:

  • An online Behaviour Playbook© – a private, searchable, online library of their reviewed comms/output all marked-up with ‘dos and don’ts’
  • Actionable outputs usable from the very first review so new joiners are as good as experienced staff

For management:

  • Quarterly scores and graphs of department’s output so they can track progress
  • Deals with scale without expensive and time consuming consumer testing

What we do

Quarterly review of your recent comms work/output (web, print, phone scripts, film, PR, UX, internal planning, future planning – anything you wish).

We ‘drive from the back’, so we usually we do four quarterly reviews of a number of representative pieces of client output that have been made during the previous quarter of a year.

  • ‘Mark-up’ the good, bad, and missing behavioral techniques
  • Place them in online library
  • The amount of work builds through the year
  • Consistent scoring of behavioural techniques using our unique Playbook Score Sheet©

  • Graph the results for management to see successful embedding of behavioural techniques in the organisation



Copywriting ⬇

What you get

  • Highly crafted, polished, professional copy, written by a combination of psychologists and advertising trained writers
  • Written in any style or tone of voice, made engaging and fit for purpose with all the lessons of psychology embedded


Art Direction & Design ⬇

What you get

  • Design: Laying out messages so they work hard behaviourally
  • Art direction: Crafting sumptuous imagery and making sure it conform to the needs of psychology

Digital (UX, Interface) ⬇

What you get

  • Email & direct mail: Direct communication needs to be effective – both shaping the message correctly, and making sure it can be built/printed to budget is vital. We make sure both are nailed on
  • Interface and User Experience: Guidance on how to layout pages, work with use-cases, and behavioural pathways though websites/entities. Also, we execute small-builds, from responsive sites to smartphone and tablets, with our experts on staff and specific partners who cover all eventualities

Designing the user-experience so that:

  • Their Automatic decisions (where System 1 decides (intuitive, rapid, associative) and System 2 agrees (rule-governed, calculating, reasoning)) are prevalent
  • Or, Anchored decisions (where System 1 sets the agenda (intuitive, rapid, associative) and System 2 thinks about it (rule-governed, calculating, reasoning)) are prevalent
  • And making less common the Rational indecision and Cognitive dissonance aspects of choice architecture


Architectural & Space Design ⬇

What you get

  • Plans for altering the environment’s influence on people’s behaviour based on our bespoke tests and/or knowledge



Additionally, we are very experienced in traditional advertising and communications

  • 1 Grand Prix, & 17 Gold awards, inc. Cannes Direct, Cyberlion, DMA, etc
  • +30 Silver, bronze, finalists spanning 1996-2009

      DMA, Cannes Cyberlions, D&AD, Campaign Direct, Caples, BIMA, New York Festivals,
 Revolution Awards, Clio, LIAA, Precision Marketing Awards, IMA Awards,
 Méribel Festival, OgilvyOne Touchpoints, Cannes Lions, Creative Showcase, One Show, MARKies

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