❯ 2. Behavioural Intervention & Communication


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a wood plane or a plane-plane? Is it a plain plane-plane?

Don’t worry, if we’ve gone through the full-stack we’ll know where your communication should be by now. And if we’re dropping in here, we’ll bring all the tone of voice, art direction, and architectural tricks you’ll need. And we know how to craft it so it will knock your socks off. Or sock you in the mouth. So you can sock it to ‘em. (Without putting your foot in it.)

Behavioural Strategy

1. Execution strategy ▼

A punchy platform: Designing and copywriting plans for non-experts to use (usually in an execution-platform already decided).

1. Rosacea website

The key aim for the client was to encourage people to make an appointment with a doctor – and we wrote some insights from Behavioural Economics (BE) applied to meet this requirement and persuade people to visit their HCP, and some copy examples as a platform for copy and dev teams.

2. Asthma animation

Similarly, this is helping non-behavioural medical marketing agency have a useable foundation upon which they could create an animation and copy lines to go on YouTube and be confident it was behaviourally robust.

2. Product & deployment strategy (Print, Digital, TV, events) ▼

A need for upstream strategic work that gives direction to categories of communication, as well and more granular descriptions and reasons for executional approaches? We do that, too.

Cardboard Futures

Everybody loved the cardboard desk concept. Even Esquire magazine had featured them before we were commissioned. We were asked, ‘Why – despite overt interest and positive PR – are businesses not buying our cardboard desk?’


We mapped how to remove, reframe, or ‘agree with’ the instinctive response to get a non-dissonant, non-reputation affecting decision from office equipment procurement managers. We agreed on fixing the instinctive response by renaming the product from ‘Cardboard Futures’ to e.g. ‘Fluteboard’.

See the whole story in our portfolio page

Behavioural Communication

1. Copy editing & copywriting ▼

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Copy editing

Taking existing collateral (written by clients or their agents), we help reshape the structure, flow, and use of language without changing the meaning to make the comms work as frictionlessly as possible. We work with: brand, letters, online, mobile, signage, internal, consumer, safety, call-scripts, and more.


After a standard brief on outcome and expectations, we conceive, write copy platforms and write highly crafted, polished, professional copy written by a combination of psychologists and advertising trained writers – fit for purpose and with all the lessons of psychology embedded.

2. Art direction, design, and film ▼

Art direction
Crafting sumptuous imagery is a skill – making it conform to the needs of social psychology is another; We do both.

Laying out messages so they work hard behaviourally requires a deep understanding of behaviour and psychology.

Linear narrative, and visual presentations irrespective of narrative, all require an understanding of how we psychologically manage messages over time, both deliberatively and non-consciously. We can help your message – whether yet to be written or already existing – work well, weller, and weller-est.

3. Digital design & build ▼

Email & direct mail

Direct communication needs to be effective – both shaping the message correctly, and making sure it can be built/printed to budget is vital. We make sure both are nailed on.


Guidance on how to layout pages, work with use-cases, and behavioural pathways though websites/entities is our speciality. Also, we do small-builds, from responsive sites to smartphone and tablets with our experts on staff and specific partners who cover all eventualities.
4. Environment & architecture ▼


Accounting for the environment’s influence on people’s behaviour by altering location, size, colour, shape of internal furniture.


Accounting for the environment’s influence on people’s behaviour by altering architecture/furniture & re-observing, unseen on-site. Involves designing and planning what and where to install interventions.
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