1. Insight

We discover the influencers of people’s behaviour. We do this with provable, repeatable, primary research on capability, ability, motivation, and more.

Most agencies will tell you what your audience say (40 slides of ‘he said, she said’, invariably). Fewer are able to work out what they really mean based on what they say and fewer still, are able to understand the audience on a non-conscious level. You won’t get that here. We know how to work out the deep-seated drivers of behaviour – from our award-winning comprehension tests, to our audience segmentation via implicit attitude mapping, to out-in-the-real-world behaviour, randomised control trials, pathway mapping, and more.

Some of our approaches are below. Tell us about your challenge, or needs.




Randomised control trial (RCT)


Image shown: Behavioural Pathway Mapping group for Independent Age’s cold-call letters for donation from 65+ year olds, UK

Mental models

What are the often-unknown processes your audience follow?
We have a proven pathway-mapping process for in-group, or in-depths


Why does this group behave in that way?
We have an anthropological & ethnographic process to help us understand


Do they use the product/service as expected?
We have usability labs for that

Do they like your product/service over time (e.g. 90 days)?
We have online communities to help you predict future roll out

Image shown: Demographic screen on our Implicit Attitude Map© tool for Homeaway property owners in US, UK, France, Germany


Do they understand your description? (do they like reading it?)
Our online, award-winning, Comprehension-Motivation Test© (C-MT) gives robust results (p value) every time


What is your brand/service’s personality? Your competition’s? Your user’s?
We have an Implicit Attitude Map© tool that uses the Implicit Association paradigm


Is your brand/service unique? Recognised? Recalled? Favoured?
We have a full-spectrum Brand Equity test to answer these questions


You have Big Data – but how do you understand it?
We have regression (SPSS) and interpretation processes to unlock knowledge from your data


What is your audience’s planned behaviour?
Knowing their often un-recognised ‘algorithm’ is vital

Image shown: Observing two sites for six-days, trialling effect of affordance (extra bins) and beautification (cleaning) Keep Britain Tidy & Coca Cola, UK


How does the real world affect your audience?
We have well-proven processes that test for communication and architecture on a large or small scale