1. Behavioural insight


Some clients have a quiz, and some a problem; either’s fine. We work carefully, and collaboratively to help make the challenge, and the target behaviour, well defined.

Design, test, and refine

As behavioural experts and psychologists, we work with the human brain: We what we want to know what audience consciously say and what is affecting their behaviour non-consciously. The remaining piece of the puzzle is how situational inputs affects behaviour. Everything we do is to understand the current influence of ‘the person’ and ‘the situation’.


Scaling has its challenges – we work with you to keep the project on track.

We use lots of techniques – from what looks like standard market research, all the way to rigorous scientific experiments. And, we have tests we’ve developed – each crafted to solve a particular challenge a client had and then turned into a product – so we can all benefit.

We make sure we find the best data for the time and money available.

  • Mental-Model-and-Pathway groups
  • Usability labs, online community trials
  • Ethnography & anthropology
  • Themes-to-Facts-to-Focus package
Live trials

  • Randomised Control Trials
  • Tailored tests