3. Communication

What is it?

Sometimes it’s overt ‘here I am’ messages. Sometimes, covert changes to an architecture or space, or subtle reorganisations or re-works of an interface. In short, any way that we ‘talk’ to another human being’s conscious or non-conscious is communication.

Why us?

Along with our deep psychological knowledge, we have a wide range of experience in the design and advertising worlds. And that’s the first part of bringing together insight and communication; the second part is actually doing it. We have been doing this for nearly ten years at The Hunting Dynasty. We know how to craft an intervention so it will knock your socks off. Or sock you in the mouth. (So you can sock it to ’em – without putting your foot in it.)

For more, and how we weave it all together, have a look at our work.

  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Copy editing
  • Copy platforms and copywriting
  • Architectural/space changes
  • Design/layout scamps
  • User experience & interface
Finished output

  • Art direction
  • Illustration