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Creating & live-testing behavioural interventions

A Hunting Dynasty Technique

Converting insight (the ‘what’) into communication (the ‘how’) that works seamlessly is a specialism of ours. We have created and tested on millions of respondents in over one hundred countries in the past decade, and are often commissioned by other research agencies to help them turn their insight into useable communication.

What we do

You’ll find us rewriting, redesigning, or generating from scratch, communication to increase conversion and/or retention, proven in live trials, with robust p values and clear changes in behaviour – in 2018 alone we re-worked and tested communication on a total of over two and half million people over a range of clients and pieces of work which saw an improvement in behaviour between 4.8% and 5,500%

Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) or A/B tests are the best way to deliver provable, repeatable, tested communication changes, at-scale. Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) have typically been used to evaluate medical interventions, and frequently employed by us (behavioural scientists) to determine the success of behavioural nudges. In their simplest form, an RCT involves evaluating interventions by comparing them to a control. The randomisation component ensures bias is minimised, making RCTs one of the most rigorous experimental designs on offer.

What it's great for

  • Great design and copy that works

  • Irrefutable C-Suite ready reports

  • Permanent change in behaviour of customers/users

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