Customer experience

Customer pathway behavioural audit

A Hunting Dynasty Product

Journey maps and pathways for new or existing products viewed through a behavioural lenz – we know what to get right, and where you could be really missing out.

What we do

We have our developed process using the great foundation from the COM-B model which is well-sourced and proven to work effectively. You won’t find our approach – or the benefits of it – elsewhere.

We look for where the importance to the organisation is high, but the motivation and ability (of which capability and opportunity are components) is low. In this gap, behavioural interventions can have maximum effect.

What it's great for

  • User journey both online and offline

  • When you have a system or process and it’s unclear where best to deploy behavioural interventions

Related client work

Insurance claim handling

  • 6x letter, 6x email, 2x call script, 1x poster
  • 1x Top Ten Effects Cheat Sheet
  • Customer NPS scoring

Cold-call donation letter

  • Behavioural assessment of over 65 year olds
  • Defined and used pathway to construct communication