Customer perceptions

Exploring lessons from behavioural economics & psychology to understand customer perceptions

Scalable perception tests

How do you really ask the right questions?

  • Online tests of concepts & comms to measure evaluation, potency, activity, and more.
Comprehension & motivation tests

Do people really understand what you’re saying?

  • Our award-winning online test of comms to measure understanding & motivation to act for information-critical processes as well as general brand, gov, or service information.
Brand personality tests

What do people think of your brand? And of your competitors?

  • A score of brand personality, and the direction consumers wish it to change, all mapped versus competing brands.
Focus groups

We all hear what people say, but what’s their true underlying mental model?

  • Carefully crafted questions that establish the mental models of a target audience to get a sharper focus on themes.
Hybrid multi-mode surveys, groups & specials

How do you seamlessly integrate modes into one coherent package?

  • We offer a complete narrowing down from wide thematic inputs, to hard data at-scale, into a coherent viewpoint weaved with behavioural inputs and outcomes at every stage that serves as a fantastic springboard for any product or service.