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Comprehension tests

A Hunting Dynasty Product

Our award-winning, unique online test product to measure understanding of information-critical communication

What we do

Information-critical processes need to be understood, and can be hard to test where there is no action that can be measured.

As a response to that, we have developed an award-winning approach which gives a clear measurement of a reader's comprehension level – as well as their declared motivation to read, which is an add-on that we've developed over the years of working in this area. You'll find us working on general brand instructions, as well as medical product information (e.g. usage instructions), and government or service information such as wayfinding.

We often rewrite and redesign existing communication and compare this to the original – running a sample of your chosen population through our bespoke online test and deliver a prepared report.

What it's great for

  • Product/service that has a need to be understood, e.g. finance, medical, legal, social

  • Product use instructions

  • Space/info/shopping spaces

  • Online/phone/booth/e-commerce interface

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