Customer perceptions

Hybrid multi-mode surveys, groups & specials

A Hunting Dynasty Product

Qualitative thematic inputs and quantitative data at-scale, tailored into a coherent viewpoint weaved with behavioural inputs and outcomes at every stage.

What we do

Any and all combinations of unique surveys, focus groups, and other tests employed in response to the 'impossible' queries many of clients come to us with – we traverse many disciplines, experty combining them in an unrivalled package.

We have wide range of experience on a wide range of challenges – from working out the value of wood veneer in Europe and the USA, to understanding perceptions of the value of cleanliness in the street and in the home in Europe and Asia, from understanding employee communication in Switzerland and Hungary, to creating food waste disposal in the UK, from homeowner perceptions in USA, Germany, France, and the UK, and many more.

For these special projects we are truly global, having surveyed online and interviewed in groups tens of thousands of people in North America, Europe, and Asia.

What it's great for

  • We deliver a fantastic springboard for any product or service: B2B, B2C, staff, and other communities

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