Comms: Digital (UI/UX) & real-world sequencing

What you get

  • Email & direct mail: Direct communication needs to be effective – both shaping the message correctly, and making sure it can be built/printed to budget is vital. We make sure both are nailed on
  • Interface and User Experience: Guidance on how to layout pages, work with use-cases, and behavioural pathways though websites/entities. Also, we execute small-builds, from responsive sites to smartphone and tablets, with our experts on staff and specific partners who cover all eventualities

Designing the user-experience so that:

  • Their Automatic decisions (where System 1 decides (intuitive, rapid, associative) and System 2 agrees (rule-governed, calculating, reasoning)) are prevalent
  • Or, Anchored decisions (where System 1 sets the agenda (intuitive, rapid, associative) and System 2 thinks about it (rule-governed, calculating, reasoning)) are prevalent
  • And making less common the Rational indecision and Cognitive dissonance aspects of choice architecture