❯ Employee writing & design ‘Playbook’

What if you could embed knowledge of behavioural techniques into the heart of your business, not just your staff’s heads? And what if your day-one new joiners were as good at using behavioural techniques as your experienced staff?

An employee library

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-21-40-31We ‘drive from the back’, so we usually we do four quarterly reviews of a number of representative pieces of client comms output, staff get value out of a private, searchable, online library of their reviewed comms all marked-up with ‘dos and don’ts’. As it builds through the year so does the amount of work.

A management measurement tool

Management get value out of each quarter as it’s scored and graphed so they can track output, e.g. four quarters scored and graphed to show improvement in work (some measurements hidden on this graphic).

Our assessment sheet

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-22-24-43Our Hunting Dynasty standardised score sheet (some features hidden on this graphic) synchronises with our advanced behavioural workshop process covering the four factors ‘Timing’, ‘Attractive’, ‘Prevalence’, and ‘Effortless’ so it makes sense to do workshops at the beginning to give staff a boost.

What this product is

  1. • Regular review, score, and ‘mark-up’ of actual recent client work
  2. • Actionable outputs that are usable from the very first review
  3. • Online library of ‘good and bad’ for staff to consult – both existing and new staff – truly embedding the knowledge in the business not in staff’s brains (for them to walk out of the door and leave the business less able to deploy behavioural science)
  4. • Deals with scale without expensive and time consuming consumer testing

What this product is not

  1. • It is not a long culture change piece, and extensive consultancy on change, and change management
  2. • It is not simply a strategic delivery document that has to implemented