Our Test Battery

Comprehension Test: Text

An online test (typically 100’s of respondents) measuring deliberative reasoning and ability to synthesise and retain information from a text or document presented

Real world
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Comprehension Test: Text + Image

Same as text-only but measuring memory of image (e.g. which image was part of the document?) and valence questions about same.

Attitude Test: Open-ended

Explore self-declared attitudes towards the stimulus, and how positive/negative/neutral they are – based on Mayo and Haddock (2009)

Attitude Test: Feelings Thermometer

Online test measuring intuitive responses and non-declarative attitudes – we can measure liking of the document, engagement with it, motivation to continue, or feelings evoked by it.

Attitude Test: Scale of Semantic Differentials

We explore declarative attitude towards stimulus from pre-selected polar opposites (e.g. boring-engaging, unpleasant-pleasant, redundant-useful, etc)

Factor Mapping

It’s simply a way of asking people ‘what happens?’ when they go though a purchase/use of a product – the trick is it’s guided and observed by applied psychologists decoding verbal and non-verbal cues around conscious and non-concious aspects of cognitive load, motivation, engagement, and more.