Brand positioning a cardboard desk

Why are people not buying our cardboard desk – despite interest and positive PR?


• 7 office furniture procurement specialists, qual group


• Identify influences on behaviour


• Brand name change


1. Qual group

• 7 office furniture procurement specialists

• Identify behavioural insights

• Influences on behaviour – common issues

2. Insight

• We modelled influences into marketing framework

• Found that large business buyers are constrained because ‘furniture is permanent, and cardboard is temporary (and that reflects poorly on me).’

A similar, and common reputation effect problem with behaivour in organisations (see our work on social for Stowga).


3. Strategy

a. Chosen brand strategy

One of the simpler ways to avoid reputational damage of overtly buying a cardboard product is the name-change tactic to suggest it’s made of something else.

This tactic was chosen. Client settled on ‘Flute board’.

b. Implementation

With finally settling on Flute Office as the approach, a full re-brand was performed.

This transformed the business from ‘Cardboard Future’ to ‘Flute Office’



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