Brand personality test on 3 competing brands

Map customer archetypes by perception of HomeAway brand versus competition


• 1,142 homeowners who rent out their property US, UK, France, and Germany


• 7 logos of clients brands (2x UK, 2x France, 2x USA, 1x Germany), and two logos of competing brands


• Online word-pairs and logos in an Implicit Attitude Test – The Hunting Dynasty Implicit Attitude Map© – adapted using Brand Personality measures.


• Robust, repeatable owner-archetypes combined of how they feel about the brand and how they commonly use the service


1. Demographics, activity, and self-declared type

We captured various demography and activity data that we could use to define archetypes with later, such as:
• Age
• Gender
• Number of properties
• Years renting properties
• Years with the brand
• Logins to owner dashboard
• Renting income type, and more

2. The Hunting Dynasty Implicit Attitude Map©

Secondly, we capture implicit perception with a quick-response online word-matching task (10 mins) by pressing either the ‘E’ or ‘I’ key to associate a displayed brand logo with one of the displayed words.

The word-pairs are from study tested on 12,789 respondents, in nine countries, on 193 brands, and are stable within and between brands.


User input translates as…


3. Results: Demographics

Demography, activity and self-declared type data gives us a measurable way of targeting a customer subset, e.g. they have one property…

3. Results: Implicit Attitude Map©

…we match their demographic responses with their implicit responses to the brands give us a ‘total’ archetype with which we can make improvement suggestions…

4. Strategy: Archetype opportunities

And these improvement suggestions are practical steps that can reinforce or change customers’ perception


4. Full report

29k word report for the 4 countries and 7 brands in the study (2x UK, 2x France, 2x USA, 1x Germany)


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