What’s in a behavioural ‘playbook’ for DAS marketing staff?


Can you make our Family Classic policy wording document, better for our customers?


The DAS product team were aware of the work that The Hunting Dynasty were doing on comprehension for DAS, and wondered if we could help make the Family Policy document better.


After a competitive review, and literature review,
Screenshot 2015-07-27 23.31.32
we knew we had to made sure the ability to understand the policy was high, as well as increasing the motivation to continue reading – and all this without changing the legal copy or legal structure; A tricky challenge, but one designed for a behavioural rework.


A comprehensive re-write, re-design, and re-shape, of the Family Classic brochure so it is as fit for purpose as possible.

We pulled on our competitive review, primary knowledge (from our comprehension test), literature review, and existing knowledge re-write and re-design elements of the Family Classic Policy document to increase the reader’s ability understand, and their motivation to continue in a A3 document (and companion A5 Policy document) explaining exactly how we’d changed elements, and why.

This serves as a handbook for future communication writing and design, too.

Graphic design and printing by our partner Draught Associates Ltd


Copy & design


Finished work

photo X

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Screenshot 2015-07-26 22.03.06Screenshot 2015-07-26 22.03.42


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