Increase number of staff cycling

Design a ready-to-go communications package for PleaseCycle/YOMP clients to printout and use to increase uptake of staff cycling to work


• Businesses in the UK


• 5 posters for office use, 1 email structure and copy outline, 4 environmental/system changes


• Option to download and use the comms pack provided. Data collected was via client


• Greater take up of the service due to the ‘ready-to-go’ pack

PleaseCycle is a website and app that’s sold to businesses and organisations (such as Reckitt Benckiser, and Camden Council) to encourage their staff to cycle to work. It has practical information such as about biking, plan safe routes, log daily trips, & compete against colleagues.


1. Literature review & insight

There are some key perceptions around cycling that need to be changed.

“…there is a need to improve the public acceptability of cycling and change public norms so it is seen as an everyday activity that can be undertaken by almost anyone, without the need for special clothing, expensive equipment or limited to purpose built facilities.”
(Daley, et al, 2011, and Gatersleben, et al, 2007

“The perception of a cyclist as ‘‘brave’’, ‘‘fit’’, “environmentally friendly’’, or ‘‘foolish’’,‘‘inconsiderate’’ or ‘‘hazardous’’ can influence a non-rider’s choice of whether to ride or not in different contexts.”
(Skinner and Rosen, 2007)


2. Concepts, scamps

Developing campaign, marking-up behavioural techniques deployed, ready to share with client.


3. Finished output

Full suite of printable posters, guides on how to change work environment, emails, and more



4. Results

“The Hunting Dynasty enabled us to consider the perceived and hidden barriers to communicate effectively… to change behaviour. This resulted in far higher participant take up and engagement. I would thoroughly recommend… Professional, friendly and effective without dazzling you with unnecessary science.”

Ronan Carter, Director, Yomp



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