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How do LEXOO lawyers increase cold-email reply rates by 20%


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The challenge was to increase reply rates to cold-call emails for businesses that don’t have in-house law teams.


Re-write and re-structure email using our experience of comprehension, engagement, and driving action ( See Behavioural Health Check for more)


Re-writing the email

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A great first email, many behavioural principles are already in place.

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One of the most important factors in these short-hit emails are the use of ‘how/why construals’. It is true that when we ‘visualise-how’ something is going to happen we’re much likely to act on it and sooner than if we ‘verbalise-why’ that same thing should happen. This is partly because trying to think about something in action requires less mental effort than trying to think about something in theory. Also, it creates a ‘concrete’ impression much easier to recall. This is why we use clear, proximal, concrete, verb language to encourage action from the letter. 


The behavioural techniques we deployed on the email – especially the use of active components – saw us achieve a higher response rate on opened emails.

As a rule-of-thumb we evoked 10 responses for every 8 in the pre-Hunting Dynasty control version.



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