Collaboration with Warren Hatter, from With The Grain

who cultivated the relationship with the client, Bristol City Council

With The Grain – behavioural insights for local government
Grand Prix winner, 2015 Nudge Awards, with Ealing Council
Advisor on Behavioural Insights to Sunderland City Council
Tel: 07971 413164


A lapse in cycling (however long) does not make one a ‘non cyclist’.


You don’t have to do it every day – other commitments are okay.


Women particularly worry about being sweaty, or have to define their clothes by cycling – one can plan ahead.


Whether you’re fit, or a ‘built for comfort not for speed’, there’s room for your approach.


This is for high-dwell areas, such as coffee/tea/fridges, etc. It brings to life a ludicrous range of cycling – without showing people (with whom you might not associate).


The headline promise in an email header – a broach church.

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