How does REDUCE YOUR ENERGY USE get a behavioural tone-of-voice and look-and-feel?


Write and design the look and feel of a new low-energy product retailer in a Megento template.


They needed a from-the-ground-up solution, which included all the logos, page layouts including copy-writing, email templates and content, and strategies to increase sales.

Primary research

None commissioned as part of this brief.

Secondary research

The situation

As evidence of prevalence usually drives copycat behaviour we created homepage banners promoting products containing quotes pulled from national newspapers.

The quote was expressed in as close to a handwritten font as possible to indicate – before you’ve understood the words – that it’s from a human (like you). The provenance is expressed as a logotype, not a name. We know that these forms are understood by our ‘gut reaction’, or system one thinking, more quickly than our ‘thinking brain’, or system two thinking. The speed of cognition is important because that defines our anchor point, and it’s this instant reaction that is then used as a measuring-rule for the later ‘thinking brain’ inputs.





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