Social media ‘how to’ & 500+ tweets

Create a robust multi-channel marketing strategy to increase acquisition, and conversion


• In-depth with 3 business owners


• 50 page marketing guide

• 502 Twiter and Linkedin posts

• 132 social destination links

• 9 re-written blog posts


• Over 5 months of social media posts (at 6 per day)


• On-going


1. Literature review

With business-to-business propositions there are some common drivers of behaviour. Allied to that, a disrupter – such as Stowga – often doubles-down on those challenges. Some of the challenges identified are a need to reduce the perception of risk, ambiguity, and uncertainty, and increase the perception of authority, trust. There are more.

2. In-depth phone interviews

Our audience confirmed our literature review, and added some new components to our understating. There was a very good understanding of the reason-to-believe (RTB) in the business, and some work to do to increase the willingness-to-purchase (WTP).


3. Social media library

• 502 Twiter and Linkedin posts

• Average of 2.3 tweets per link

• Average of 1.4 LinkedIn posts per link

4. Guide

50-page guide on how to ‘act’ and ‘speak’ to quell fears of the audience and reinforce the perceived benefits, including: brand positioning, a writing structure and model, examples, social media frequency, Google Search Ads, cold emails, press-releases, and more.

Including model of how to write social posts incorporating behavioural techniques


5. In-use


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