How does SOLSTIS get an email click-through rate double the sector average?


How can I get a good response to an email selling a new-to-market electric bike?


Solstis bikes were preparing to offer a brand new version of an electric motorbike via email to interested businesses in the UK.

The situation

With lower budgets it’s often easier to apply ‘situation’ type approaches from our combined social psychology/behavioural economics knowledge.


You can see a lot of framing in the email, as the bike on offer is flanked by two others of less and greater price/value as a way of giving the reader’s reflexive thinking some context. See the pull-out boxes for more (we wrote others to deal with running costs, and road tax).


The email had click-through rate of 5% – almost double the sector average.

It beats MailChimp’s ‘Travel and Transportation’ benchmark of 2.77%, and all the company-size expected opening rates (shown 11-25 person rate). MailChimp sends billions of emails a month for more than 7 million users.

See the HTML email here.


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