Behavioural pathways

Our bespoke pathway tool to identify the capability, opportunity, motivation, and importance at each step to help plan where to place behavioural interventions


What it’s great for

  • When you have a system or process and it’s unclear where best to deploy behavioural interventions

What you get

  • A pathway clearly charted where the importance to the organisation is high, but the motivation and ability (of which capability and opportunity are compnents) is low. In this gap, behaviuoral interventions can have maximum effect


Typical project profile

  • Some days: Carefully mapping each step of the process for different users
  • 1 week+: Writing approaches and proposals (time, materials) for identified steps
  • Days/weeks+: Deploy interventions
  • 1+ week: Evaluation
  • Agile response and loop back to beginning

Who we’ve done it for


Contact us

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