Map the perception of HomeAway brand versus competition


Establishing archetypes, or persona for customers is an important part of consumer services brands. Our client, HomeAway – the original AirBnB that have ben renting out owner’s homes since the 1990’s – had some existing typologies developed, and we worked together to add another dimension to this knowledge.

We compared HomeAway and it’s local market brand names against competitors Airbnb &, in the US, UK, France, and Germany.


The Big Five Personality Traits are stable across populations – they predict personality. They also map to brands – brands themselves can have a definable personality. The word-pairs we use are drawn from studies tested on 12,789 respondents, in nine countries, on 193 brands, and are stable within and between brands. For HomeAway, were able to make the link between:

  1. The data warehouse groups (how they behave)
  2. Demographic information (who they are – demographic questions)
  3. How they feel towards the brand and competitor (how they feel)

We took 1,142 homeowners who rent out their property in the US, UK, France, and Germany and ran them through our quick-response online word-matching task (10 mins) by pressing either the ‘E’ or ‘I’ key to associate a displayed brand logo with one of the displayed words.

The true relationship between HomeAway and the competitors shows weaknesses and strengths – we use this information to make guidance on language, imagery, and interaction to counter the weaknesses (relative to the competition) using outputs from next test.

Results: Demographics 

Demography, activity and self-declared type data gives us a measurable way of targeting a customer subset, e.g. they have one property…

Results: Brand Personality Test by The Hunting Dynasty

We match their demographic responses with their implicit responses to the brands give us a ‘total’ archetype with which we can make improvement suggestions…

Strategy: Archetype opportunities

And these improvement suggestions are practical steps that can:

  • Reinforce or change customers’ perception of the client brand versus competitors
  • So brand can confidently manage desired position in marketplace

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