Client: PleaseCycle/Stravel
Output: Overt communications
Acc. handler: Oliver Payne
Research: Oliver Payne, Founder
Creative director: Jamie Romain
Creative team: The Hunting Dynasty


“Design a communications package for clients of Stravel – a new start-up tracking app and portal for multi-modes of travel.”


Stravel is similar to PleaseCycle in that it tracks travel on a mobile app that updates to a portal. The difference is it tracks many modes, such as walking, running, cycling, bus and train travel. The breadth of the app reduces the depth of interaction. For instance, both mapping and journey planning is better done by TfL.


The Stravel app was a question looking for a reason; Why is tracking travel – in and of itself – necessary? Research into behaviour around multi-modal travel presented very interesting findings. Rose and Marfurt (2007) tell us there’s considerable differences in the perceived acceptable riding distance for bicycle use between riders and non-riders. We picked up on that and made the location-specific distance poster using the ‘However you want to get there’ line. Habits and scheduling horizons influenced behaviour too, but not a way that was useable.

However, Perkins (World Transport Policy & Practice, 2002) found that travel-blending diaries did influence people to get out of their cars by making travel choice overt, concrete, and tied to point-of-use. (In the same study marketing messages about the travel-blending made no impact on behaviour.) However you look at it, Stravel’s phone app is effectively a travel-blending diary. So the act of using the app should make concrete travel choices, and encourage more travel-blending. All we needed to do was make that download happen.

We do that by forcing a cognitive appraisal with an arresting travel-blend image – a bus with legs, for instance – underpinned by the line ‘You are not one mode of transport’. In short, a classic ‘I’m an ad, and I want do you think about this!’ piece of communication.








We are poor at articulating distance and time estimates.