Comprehension & Motivation test by The Hunting Dynasty

Do people really understand what you’re saying? Information-critical processes need to be understood, and can be hard to test where there is no action that can be measured.

As a response to that, we have developed an award-winning approach which gives a clear measurement of a reader’s comprehension level, their declared motivation to read, with or without distractor tasks to simulate real-world behavior.

We often rewrite and redesign existing communication and compare this to the original – running a sample of your chosen population through our bespoke online test and deliver a prepared report.

DAS: understanding legal expenses

  • Length down -65%
  • Comprehension up +0.8%
  • 900 adults, online comprehension & self-report test
  • 8x re-writes of letter

LV=: understanding pension letters

  • Reading ease up +28%
  • Comprehension +4.4%
  • 300 adults, online comprehension & self-report test
  • 1x multi-page letter re-write & re-design

Sedgwick: understanding & dementia testing

  • Comprehension +8%
  • 400 adults, online comprehension & self-report test
  • Distraction tasks to simulate dementia
  • 6x multi-page email re-write & re-design

Brand Personality Test by The Hunting Dynasty

A score of brand personality, and the direction consumers wish it to change, all mapped versus competing brands. It is a robust, repeatable test drawn from peer-reviewed studies and used by us on brands such as The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, AirBnB, HomeAway, and It is stable within, and between brands.

Our ready-to-go test is run through a sample of your population of interest and turns all brand influences (marketing, social, word-of-mouth, PR, etc.) into one, robust number. Great for upstream strategy, customer experience design, and customer/user archetypes.

HomeAway: customer archetypes

  • Implicit measurement of Brand Personality
  • 1,142 homeowners who rent out their property
  • US, UK, France, and Germany
  • Comparing: HomeAway, AirBnB, and

Financial Times

  • Explicit measurement of Brand Personality
  • 2,200 subscribers
  • Comparing: Financial Times, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal

Behavioural Pathway Tool by The Hunting Dynasty

We have our developed process using the great foundation from the COM-B model which is well-sourced and proven to work effectively. You won’t find our approach – or the benefits of it – elsewhere. We look for where the importance to the organisation is high, but the motivation and ability (of which capability and opportunity are components) is low. In this gap, behavioural interventions can have maximum effect.

Great for when you have a system or process and it’s unclear where best to deploy behavioural interventions

Sedgwick: major domestic peril handling

  • Escape of water, fire, etc.
  • Long term relationship with claimant
  • Pathway established
  • Calls scripts
  • Top Ten Tips to aid comprehension and motivation

Independent Age: charity donations

  • Increasing cold-call donation from letter
  • Behavioural assessment of 65 year olds
  • Defined and used pathway to construct communication

TeamLondonBridge: Christmas gift donation

  • Strategy and execution for 42 businesses
  • From zero categorisation to 95 sacks categorised
  • From zero to 14 volunteer couriers
  • 60% reduction in gift-wrapping volunteers needed, no reduction in number of gifts donated (1703 vs. 1701)

‘Predictably Irrational’ logic maps by The Hunting Dynasty

Mapping the likely antecedents, decisions, and actions as a consequence of the environment in which they are in – whether that be a virtual experience, or a real – is important in understanding where to reduce effort, introduce triggers, and increase motivations, and ultimately where to intervene to effect change.

Workshops by The Hunting Dynasty

A powerful half day or full day workshop to embed behavioural techniques in client’s own work.

At The Hunting Dynasty, we tailor the workshop with relevant examples of behavioural effects to ‘feed’ the answers so it all fits together as a coherent package, usually in a half-day or full-day workshop for 8-30 people at a time.

Great for a team of communications staff who want help or a broad intro for whole organisation to spot behavioural opportunities

Retail: 1x Half day

  • At client, 40 global staff
  • Online booking, B2C
  • TAPE process (Timing, Attractiveness, Prevalence, Effortlessness)
  • Copywriters, designers, managers, etc. in workshop
  • Drop off document after workshop

Insurance: 3x Half day

  • At client, 36 UK staff in total
  • On and offline, B2C
  • TAPE process (Timing, Attractiveness, Prevalence, Effortlessness)
  • Copywriters, designers, managers, etc. in workshop
  • Drop off document after workshop

Claims handling: 1x Full day

  • Our location, 24 UK staff
  • On and offline, B2C
  • COM-B process (Capability, Motivation, Opportunity)
  • Including Pathway work
  • Managers and operatives from all sections of the business
  • Drop off document after workshop

Staff charity: 3x Half day

  • At client, 36 UK staff in total
  • On and offline, B2B
  • COM-B process (Capability, Motivation, Opportunity) 
  • Including Pathway work
  • Managers and operatives managing staff charity days
  • Special one-hour review months after workshop

Playbooks by The Hunting Dynasty

All the ‘plays’ you’ll ever need – either a library of ‘good and bad’ behavioural executions, using category examples and client’s actual work, and/or a strategy for deployment.

Actionable outputs usable from day one (so new joiners are as good as experienced staff).

Scoresheets by The Hunting Dynasty

A periodic (e.g. quarterly) review of key comms and customer pathway work ‘scored’ for its use of behavioural techniques by us, and reported back to staff and management giving our view on the correct selection of techniques, and the quality of execution in comms work for management to have data on comms outputs.

Great to embed behavioural techniques in an organisation.