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Sole authorship

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“There are several reasons to recommend this book… it is written in a frank, conversational style that most readers will find appealing… the author covers a great deal of ground and effectively summarizes the technical literature in an easily digestible format. The book also includes a glossary of terms, making it easy for the reader…”
Adam Mayer, Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2014


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Oliver Payne, Founder of The Hunting Dynasty, is the sole author.

[br]This books asks why do short-term memory tasks change our behaviour? How is our worry-profile the same as an Argentinean farmer’s?

[br]It uses robust, peer-reviewed psychological insights to show how to change behaviour. It will teach you how to ask for persistent, pervasive, invisible – and in some cases near-costless – change by using our hidden quirks, judgmental biases, and apparent irrationalities.

[br]It’s of great value to policymakers and professionals in marketing and communications departments dealing with issues of resource-stress.

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Co-authorship of a chapter

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[br] Lina Skora, Behavioural Science Advisor, MSc MBPsS PhD candidate, is the co-author of a chapter on psychology in the Handbook of Human Motion.

[br]The Handbook of Human Motion is a large cross-disciplinary reference work which covers the many interlinked facets of the science and technology of human motion and its measurement. Individual chapters cover fundamental principles and technological developments, the state-of-the-art and consider applications across four broad and interconnected fields; medicine, sport, forensics and animation.

[br]The Editors-in-chief are Müller and Wolf.