A Behavioural approach means we can charge in different ways


For those of our clients who prefer – or who are duty-bound – to compensate by hours worked they find this is something we’re very happy to do, and are experienced in forecasting, managing, and delivering – as our Client Services Director will attest!



Retained models are easier to prepare and approve internally than non-psychologically robust agencies because our outputs are easily measured, graphed, charted and ‘sold’ in the boardroom either in terms of volume of intervention or scale of success of intervention.

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On-Site Behavioural Expert is obvious candidate for retained model, and a programme of training/workshops for staff also contends as does an effective ‘bulk-purchase’ of one or more our tests from our test battery (e.g. you wish to validate that the comprehension level of this year’s emails is above 60% and prove this to a regulator or procurement or other standards mechanism).

Payment by results

The most obvious ‘clear blue water’ between psychologically robust agencies such as ourselves and more traditional market research, and communication agencies is our opportunity to confidently work on payment by results model.

As we can be confident in our proposed interventions being successful (if not absolutely sure of the scale of success) we are happy to work on results-defined payments over time (usually a blended project part-paid by flat fee and part-paid by results, with a ceiling or sunset clause to trigger cessation of results payments).


Our clients who have large outgoings and wish to make savings are most happy to pay us out of the savings we make, but this is not a rule; do ask.

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