❯ 3. Reporting

What is behavioural work that changes the way the world communicates without proof? Well, ‘guess work’ is what it is; And we don’t do that.

2. Long-form reports ▼

Comms plan 2013-2014 for half of all UK domestic water companies.

15,000 word plan.

Waterwise is a not-for-profit funded by water companies focusing on water efficiency, and asked us to write a comms plan for 2013-2014 (and on to deregulation in 2015) that would reduce the amount of water consumed by domestic customers. Chaired by DEFRA, a steering group populated by the Consumer Council for Water, The Environment Agency, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Affinity Water (formerly Veolia Water), Thames Water, South East Water, WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Waterwise, Energy Saving Trust, and Kent County Council.

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