Consumer products & services

We have mechanised, medicalised, and farmed our way into magnitudes of order better ways of living, and connecting. Much of this is alien to our deep-seated evolutionary expectations. To stay ahead, focusing on human fundamentals allows companies to thrive whether that is in technology, sustainability, health, food, and luxury, and ultimately capitalize on long-term opportunities.

The move to digital consumption needs a human-centred behavioural approach to increase and improve subscription, decrease churn and transform emotional value

News & services

The move to digital consumption needs a human-centred behavioural approach to increase and improve subscription, decrease churn and transform emotional value

Domestic products

Brand new categories versus established products in established categories need very different treatments to position them for success


Psychologically effortless interfaces are supported by, not driven by, technology

Food & beverage

Choice architecture, and mental models that define expected names and packaging is fundamental

Travel & vacation

The expectation of a trip is valuable, the appearance of effort needs to deployed selectively, contextualising the trip, and provenance help define how to position and motivate purchase

Medical & veterinary

Physicality is fundamental to remove cognitive load in medical products and services – specialist need to have effortless interfaces

Case studies

HomeAway: customer archetypes

  • Implicit measurement of Brand Personality
  • 1,142 homeowners who rent out their property
  • US, UK, France, and Germany

Financial Times: increasing subscribers

  • 3x copy changes to subscription package names and descriptions
  • 4 million visitors controlled trial
  • Increase subscriptions +4.81%

Anomaly for Electrolux: psychology of cleanliness

  • 2,800 surveyed in Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, UK, Japan, S. Korea
  • 20 Swedish one-on-one interviews
  • Finding relationships between clean streets and clean homes
  • Supporting content for TV ad, and brand film

Finance & insurance

Our relationship with money is changing – how we spend, save (or don’t save), invest and give – and relationship between new products and services and our mental models and expectations in some ways helps and some ways hinders consumers and organizations alike. Understanding, choosing, claiming, or drawing money down are the foundations of a human approach.

Insurance purchase & claims

The relationship between societal expectations and the relationship between value now and in the future is clear only through a psychological lens

Pensions purchase & engagement

Retail pensions amongst many products and services need to be understood but not always require action – measuring comprehension is on way of assessing product value when action is not fundamental

Retail banking

A sector flipping between focused engagement (mortgages, credit cards, payments, ATMs) or complete disengagement (more people get divorced than switch banks), in our experience the challenges are rarely factual, opportunistic, or knowledge based – at the root they’re psychological

Fund management

Biases we rarely know of let alone can feel, or neutralize pervade small and large billion dollar decisions – products and services we have designed to minimize and highlight persistent and ubiquitous errors

Case studies

DAS: understanding legal expenses

  • Length down -65%
  • Comprehension up +0.8%
  • 900 adults, online comprehension & self-report test
  • 8x re-writes of letter

Sedgwick: improving insurance claims

  • Claim complaints -25% from letters, emails, calls scripts, and more
  • Tree removal -18 days from letter
  • Inbound comms for ongoing claims -40% from email subject heading

LV=: understanding pension letters

  • Reading ease up +28%
  • Comprehension +4.4%
  • 300 adults, online comprehension & self-report test
  • 1x multi-page letter re-write & re-design

FCA: retail bank switching

  • Behavioural copy
  • Prepping for qual research

Business to business

Our work drives to common themes time and time again around reputation, reducing ambiguity to clear risk, reducing perception of risk, and putting a floor on expectations.

From person-to-person, business-to-business, from warehousing as a service to sustainable products in financial sector, novel B2B products and services, we’ve discovered as business and supply chains get ever more connected, understanding what really drives one person to buy from another is key to make the human element as effortless and trusting as possible.

Business products & supplies

No one gets fired for buying IBM it is said, because if it goes wrong with a known brand it’s not procurement’s fault – disrupting this ‘buyer reputation’ driver of behavior is where our client’s succeed

Transport & warehousing

Relationships drive the sector, where human-centered approach does it’s best work

Raw materials

Our work with raw materials producers highlighted interesting relationships between professional end users that create consumer products from raw materials, and the consumer end users themselves and the challenges this brings with positioning raw material price versus value


Services that are driven by need and a stripped down approach focusing on the fundamentals of fact and halting downside perception

Social media

Deploying single-issue motivators tend to work best in our experience and there’s lots of opportunity to prove in real-world tests

Case studies

FluteOffice: cardboard furniture

  • Product positioning strategy
  • Qual group of office furniture procurement specialists
  • Identify influences on behaviour
  • Brand name change

Stowga: warehousing

  • A 50 page behavioural ‘how to’ marketing guide
  • Includes 502 social media posts
  • plus a library of 132 social destination links

LEXOO: legal service

  • Replies to cold emails up +33%
  • Randomised Control Trial on 1,126 businesses
  • 1x email re-written

Zo: Facebook post generator

  • Signups up +5,500%
  • 4x Randomised Control Trials on 400,000+ owners of Facebook business pages
  • Re-wrote subject, preview

Organisation & HR

Improving staff performance can be the province of expensive workshops and workbooks that are poorly delivered on and hard to measure – our work with manager personality assessment and intrinsic motivators adds vital bite to identifying and creating a nourishing path for the tranche of mid-managers that are the leaders of the future, and consequently real value unlocked in organisations.

Communication & connectivity

Particularly with multi-mode communication challenges, such as Slack as well as email, phone, and face to face as well as generational differences requires psychological approaches as we’ve delivered for global businesses

Employee development

Deriving satisfaction, intrinsic and extrinsic importance, personality measures is work we’ve done, developed and deployed

Organisational culture

Organisational structure from an anthropological viewpoint enables a tree-top view and strong strategic direction

Corporate social responsibility

Many of the physical and architectural changes are either done or understood – the next space is in human behaviour along with minimising negative responses

Case studies

Actelion pharma: staff communication

  • Mapping perceptions of staff
  • Implicit Attitude Test
  • Anthropological study
  • 400 staff based all over the world, HQ Zurich
  • Techniques to increase feedback

Guntner: factory workforce

  • 1,100+ online & paper survey in Hungary
  • Individual management reports & career progress evaluation
  • Persona for factory
  • Communication & alteration ideas

TeamLondonBridge: Christmas gift donation

  • Strategy and execution for 42 businesses
  • From zero categorisation to 95 sacks categorised
  • From zero to 14 volunteer couriers
  • 60% reduction in gift-wrapping volunteers needed, no reduction in number of gifts donated (1703 vs. 1701)

Danzer: consumer vs. professional end user

  • 1,600 online survey in US and Germany
  • Conjoint and other price/value analysis
  • Focus groups in Chicago, New York, Pittsburg, Munich, and Frankfurt
  • Understanding mental models and preference for wood material varieties
  • Guidance on communicating to professional users (e.g. architects, designers, procurement, etc.)

Social impact

Our projects involve clients in both the private and public sectors – businesses, charities, social fabric management, and our own funded research into society’s challenges including suicide and insects and protein replacement in novel foods. To help them develop effective solutions, we create products and services that scale to maximize progress.

Older aged population

Increasingly older populations present challenges that touch many sectors – health, financial, social, leisure, government – as well as support such as loneliness and separation. Structural and presentation challenges need a range of human-centred inputs

Littering and waste

Tragedy of the Commons problems such as community care never respond to the more obvious persuasion and systemic changes, needing deep-seated human interventions

National and global challenges

Big challenges are only big while they’re not fixed – changing motivations non-consciously is where the real work is done to affect water use, food, medical and lifestyle societal challenges

Case studies

Keep Britain Tidy & Coca Cola: littering

  • Littering down -10%
  • 49 people surveyed on street
  • 2x 8 people qualitative groups
  • 2x street litter bin additions & 1x street clean
  • 3x people for 6 days on-site observation

Independent Age: charity donations

  • Increasing cold-call donation from letter
  • Behavioural assessment of 65 year olds
  • Defined and used pathway to construct communication

Male suicide & phone helplines: private research

  • ‘How to’ guide to for charities
  • Primary research on 141 men
  • Shown at Male Psychology Conference, UCL London, 2017 and Warwick Business School Health Psychology Conference, 2019

Government & utilities

With open government and clear principles, and a need to use near costless and persistent interventions that are measurable and accepted by the population, the situation is almost the opposite of consumer products and services. Framing and positioning with language is our workhorse for our government and utility clients.

Waste & sustainable services

Engaging the hard to reach and disengaged needs a suite of interventions spanning structure and communication

Motivating constituents

Society’s norms change over decades, creating new motivations to s t anew quasi-stationary ‘normal’ is the lens though which we view this work

Water and energy

Out of sight, out of mind is a common challenge with almost any work on water and energy – making real the intangible is proven by us and the canon to work well

Health & wellness

Characterised by the psychological conflict between the promises for the future competing with actions of today there are many techniques to mitigate this problem and increase engagement

Case studies

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Hospital: patient text message replies

  • Text message replies up +32%
  • Randomised Control Trial on 47,623 patients
  • 5x new text messages with one line re-written
  • 47 thousand people tested

Bristol Waste: foodwaste collection

  • Foodwaste collection up +28%
  • 178 households in Bristol observed
  • Wrote, designed, produced 1x leaflet, 3x stickers, designed trial
  • Participation from 50% of households to 58-64%

Suffolk County Council: communication department

  • 50 page Playbook for comms department
  • Scoresheet and support

Waterwise: domestic water consumption

  • 16k word comms plan
  • Chaired by DEFRA, populated by, The Environment Agency, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Affinity Water, Thames Water, South East Water, World Wildlife Fund, Energy Saving Trust, and Kent County Council

Mobile & telecom

The explosion of mobile enabled apps and services salves our deep-seated desire to communicate while adding a layer of perceptual complexity in use, in building new mental models enabling psychological accessibility, and managing psychical and physical distance – using this fundamentally informs successful strategy as much as build and execution.

Mobile enabled delivery

When to deploy and how to create triggers to increase use can be mapped easily with a human and behaviour centred approach

Engaging service users

Non-consumer interactions are more prevalent especially in medial spaces

Virtual visits

Remote camera use is growing in insurance sectors, also building services and more – handling end user perceptions is vital

Call centre

There are many useful and true hunches and lore that work, and work well – refining these is hardest without a behaviour-centred approach

Case studies

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Hospital: patient text message replies

  • Text message replies up +32%
  • Randomised Control Trial on 47,623 patients
  • 5x new text messages with one line re-written
  • 47 thousand people tested

Sparkler: food delivery

  • Supporting service research & behavioural viewpoint 
  • UK & France

Sedgwick: major domestic peril handling

  • Escape of water, fire, etc.
  • Long term relationship with claimant
  • Pathway established
  • Calls scripts
  • Top Ten Tips to aid comprehension and motivation

NPower: call scripts

  • Re-writing calls scripts with behavioural interventions



The interface between the human and the architecture work in lock-step – managing, designing and deploying a multi-mode approach is our speciality

Blended travel

Viewing travel as single events ignores how we chain trips together, blend modes and tasks, and value positively or negatively the time taken – all these factors are the foundation stone of a human centred approach

Electric & future modes

The first car advert, in 1898, was titled ‘Dispense with a horse’ – recognition that completely new ways of travel have yet to exist in users’ mental models. Even when new technologically arrives, the human mental model is not upgraded. Understanding this is the lynchpin of successful future modes of transport

Case studies

YOMP/ PleaseCycle

  • A persuasion package for clients of PleaseCycle – a tracking app and portal that performs like Air Miles for bike – to get more staff cycling more miles more frequently
  • Architectural interventions
  • Posters, emails, staff plans, and more 

Ecosolstis: electric bikes

  • Email, positioning plans