Not so added value

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Imagine you’re working in an electronics shop. A new gadget just came out – say, an iPod – and you’re in charge of putting together an offer for the first few days. Bundles are always good, you’re thinking, so you add a free song download – it doesn’t cost the company much, but it’s an […]

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Where does your brand sit in your consumer’s subconcious?

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Wouldn’t you love to have a solid, reliable map of where your brand sits in relation to its competitors in your consumer’s subconscious? Of course, it’s the foundation of any marketing strategy – a strategy designed to get you from A to B. The reality is, if you don’t know ‘A’, you don’t know where […]

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Communicating with shape (to the reflexive, too)

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It’s nice to see Sean Duffy and Michelle Verges’ study on the shape of bins from 2009 out in the wild in 2014. For more tip back to a previous post (bin recycling behaviour). Here’s their paper in full. • Oliver (LinkedIn) is author of the behavioural communication book Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour: 19 Ways To […]

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How marketing agencies get sustainability communications wrong

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Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The AIDA model. Been around forever. Since 1925 in fact. And it works. Well, half of it works. And the half…

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How do governments finance sustainable initiatives without raising taxes?

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If you assume we live in a perfectly rational world that has little systemic friction you’d be excused for thinking that the tax-take is efficient. It’s not. And because it’s not, there’s some simple…

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Oliver invited to present at the London School of Economics + Political Science’s Sustainable Future Workshop

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canada pharmacy online viagra generic cialis [tweetmeme] Oliver, the founder and CEO was invited to present at the London School of Economics and Political Science”s Sustainable Future Workshop on effective communication to a select group buy cialis tabs of students. buy levitra american pharmacy The session buy viagra online online pharmacy cialis free trial was […]

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