Domestic energy efficiency, and the leaking externality

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Governments want you to be considerate with your Energy use. It’s not (just/only) for the dolphins and the planet (and the manifesto pledge that is always there) – they don’t want to deal with the nightmare of brownouts or enforced closures for business because of lack of energy production. If you think that’s a little […]

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How marketing agencies get sustainability communications wrong

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Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The AIDA model. Been around forever. Since 1925 in fact. And it works. Well, half of it works. And the half…

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Why advertising will save the planet

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Most people can’t swallow that title whole. You’re probably thinking that we don’t need a new dog food, or we don’t need another toothpaste. Or another handbag. Or car. And you’d be right – partially. We don’t need a new product, but what we do need is what it represents – the creation of desire where there is none.

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Advertising ostentatious economy – Ad Age’s best ad of all time

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In 1959, Bill Bernbach oversaw Julian Koenig and Helmut Krone’s immortal ‘Think Small’ VW ad. They had single-handily taken…

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Search is the C-Suite executive’s homepage

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[tweetmeme] Search is the C-Suite executive’s homepage: They’re researching their competitors and industry trends online on a daily basis. Nearly all of them use search engines for research, and half say they find what they want or expect. In fact 70% of C-Level Executives believe the web is the most important source for business information. […]

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World Wildlife Fund uses the hive

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[tweetmeme] The hive mind – correctly called collective consciousness and what we call co-creation – can deliver solutions to problems in two ways. The first is a bit like magic – the rather unglamorous fairground type of magic. ‘Guess the marbles in the jar’ games can be solved with an unnerving degree of accuracy by […]

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The New York Festivals Innovative Advertising Awards

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Preliminary judging for the New York Festivals Innovative Advertising category is now open, and our very own Oliver Payne – founder of The Hunting Dynasty – is on the judging panel. New York Festivals (NYF) now in its 51st year, is an International Awards Group (IAG) Company. Recognizing The World’s Best Work™ in advertising and […]

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