A behavioural science April Fool with The Center For Advanced Hindsight – and knowing where to put the chalk cross

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The excellent behavioural scientists, Ingrid M. Paulin (@iwmelvaer) and Aline Holzwarth (@alineholzwarth), from The Center For Advanced Hindsight (@advncdhindsight) pulled off what looked like a trick, but was really an opportunity to present a serious behavioural science message. April Fools As part of a consortium of behavioral businesses and people, The Hunting Dynasty supported and […]

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The smartest choice of all? Teaching organisations to make smarter choices

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Until recently, behavioral insights research has typically focused on developing solutions for public policy problems. It has also been applied to improve marketing and investment decisions. However, there is still a dearth of research on the application of behavioral insights to the field of organizational behavior. The core of organizational behavior research is to understand […]

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Where does your brand sit in your consumer’s subconcious?

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Wouldn’t you love to have a solid, reliable map of where your brand sits in relation to its competitors in your consumer’s subconscious? Of course, it’s the foundation of any marketing strategy – a strategy designed to get you from A to B. The reality is, if you don’t know ‘A’, you don’t know where […]

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2016 so far

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Just over halfway through the busy year seems like a good time to recap of what we have done so far. From the streets of Bristol clad in high-vis, to corporate boardrooms (not clad in high-vis), here are a few of the most interesting behavioural insights projects we’ve done in the first half of 2016. […]

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