A behavioural science April Fool with The Center For Advanced Hindsight – and knowing where to put the chalk cross

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The excellent behavioural scientists, Ingrid M. Paulin (@iwmelvaer) and Aline Holzwarth (@alineholzwarth), from The Center For Advanced Hindsight (@advncdhindsight) pulled off what looked like a trick, but was really an opportunity to present a serious behavioural science message. April Fools As part of a consortium of behavioral businesses and people, The Hunting Dynasty supported and […]

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Long read: Why do we need behavioural science? Because we’ve mechanised, medicalised, and farmed our way into a way of life we no longer recognise – we are ancient creatures in modern times

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   ‘Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.’   1. An Italian officer Vittorio was under attack. Ethiopian tribesmen had pushed him back up the hill of Daga Roba, near Galla in Ethiopia. They asked him to put down his weapons. He refused. As an Italian army officer and gentlemen explorer he’d got […]

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The Hunting Dynasty Summer Placements

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July 2017 saw the first round of The Hunting Dynasty summer placements – an opportunity for three outstanding Masters graduates – Lauren, Louise and Neo – to spend a week as part of our team and work on a real-life behavioural science brief. In addition to more or less expected daily tasks in a behavioural […]

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When crowds know best

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Voting is a timely topic. Britain just voted out of the EU, and the US is electing a new president in a few weeks. Next year, there are elections in France and Germany. Perhaps even Scotland will be voting, again, on which union to leave. That’s a great scope for predictions, providing experts and non-experts […]

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Russian dolls, danger, and behavioural economics

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Popularised, praised and increasingly applied across a range of sectors, from public policy to consumer goods, behavioural economics is becoming the new It-discipline. Better late than never – after all, it’s been around for well over a hundred years. To borrow a phrase from Lee Ross and Richard Nisbett, authors of ‘The Person and the […]

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