Inspiring sustainable behaviour

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I was very honoured to the be the keynote speaker at the ‘Together Towards A low Carbon Future’ Conference run by @ESBGroup & @iiea on the 23rd Nov, 2017, Dublin, Ireland. "Disrupting habitual behaviour is the key to allowing us to make deliberative decisions rather than automatic ones" says @oliverpayne at #TakeCharge2017 Conference on how […]

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The height of success

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BusinessWeek recently called Apple on its pricing strategy pointing out out their use of the ‘Douglas Bader’ anchor (come in high, and then dive). It’s a technique the airlines have mastered with flight delays (not with the flying itself, thankfully), but Micheal Gove…

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UK’s low carbon rewards launch today – Ed Milliband

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[tweetmemeonly] The Government’s [ax][/ax]Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC EES) for organisations launched today. “From today the rewards for businesses and householders who act to cut their carbon emissions really start to pay off. It’s no longer simply about doing the right thing for the environment, it’s now a sure-fire financial investment.” Secretary of […]

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Access without ownership – 3 revolutionary ideas that lighten the carbon burden

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Access without ownership sounds like consultant-speak: it’s simply renting. So what can you rent – instead of own – to lighten your carbon burden?

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Carpet Bomb: The first carbon-free carpet company

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Ray Anderson is the founder of Interface, the company that makes Flor carpet tiles (as well as lots of less whizzy but equally useful flooring and fabric). He was a serious carpet guy, focused on building his company and making great products.

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80% cut by 2050? I can’t wait!

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[tweetmeme] As G8 Nations Agree to Cut Carbon Emissions 80 Percent by 2050 you can sense the head-hanging-teenage-mopeing-shoe-dragging truculence of populations around the world. But Why? ‘change’ is business as usual… 40 years is a long time. The world will be a very different place by then whether we’re reducing carbon or not. And we […]

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