Driving the wrong point? UK Gov ‘Think!’ drink drive campaign

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The UK Department for Transport’s airing it’s THINK! drink drive advert again. It’s good, but is it focusing on the right area?. Ahead of tonight’s TV airing Department for Transport I picked up a promo tweet […]

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Mirror mirror on the wall

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Back in the mid 1930’s Kurt Lewin described behavior as a function of the situation – as something we do based on what others’ are doing. We herd. Today, on reading that, most of us shrug uninterestedly. But at the time it ran counter to […]

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Pimp My Cause: In conversation with Oliver

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Pimp My Cause is a not-for-profit website designed as a marketplace for charitable causes to connect with marketing businesses who want to support by working for free.
It is the brainchild of Paul Skinner, and boasts small NGOs that wouldn’t normally […]

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