The smartest choice of all? Teaching organisations to make smarter choices

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Until recently, behavioral insights research has typically focused on developing solutions for public policy problems. It has also been applied to improve marketing and investment decisions. However, there is still a dearth of research on the application of behavioral insights to the field of organizational behavior. The core of organizational behavior research is to understand […]

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When crowds know best

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Voting is a timely topic. Britain just voted out of the EU, and the US is electing a new president in a few weeks. Next year, there are elections in France and Germany. Perhaps even Scotland will be voting, again, on which union to leave. That’s a great scope for predictions, providing experts and non-experts […]

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Trump’s unlikely ally – recognition heuristic

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The US presidential race is set to finish on November the 8th. We’ve all been following Donald Trump’s rise from one of sixteen Republican candidates to a serious presidential hopeful, often outraged, but mostly baffled by how this even happened. While Trump’s black-and-white simplicity and promises of great deals for America certainly helped, he owes […]

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